Unter dem Motto "Der Fisch stinkt vom Kopf" reihen wir  nun schon seit geraumer Zeit Töne aneinander.

And now for our english speaking friends: Hello.

Unsere Band (Our Band) besteht schon seit fast 2 Jahren (almost 2 years). Wir machen musik (music) aus verschiedensten Stil-(style)richtungen.

Ok so far so good. Our key members are Sam, the master of the six-stringed beast, Jo, king of the Tom-tom islands and Luca, the emperor of a variety of small white bars (and some black ones too).

If you want to you can write us an e-mail or even better comment and vote for our songs.

The Bonbon Rosé

Triebe und Leidenschaften

November 11th, 2006 + 1:11 PM  ·  thebonbonrose

As this site still is called „BANDamp“ and not „NERDamp“, this is real band work. We regret that many of the „bandampers“ dont even play an instrument (a computer is for sure no instrument !!!) Respect to all those who put effort into actually playing in a band. You know all the difficulties of making and composing music with other people. Composing doesnt mean looping drumpatterns with your downloaded music programm.
Its not our intention to say that we are the best band. We know we ve got lots of things to improve and that there are many many people who are better than we are, but at least we try our best to make music.
That were the criticisms ... ?

This is the second version of a song we first recorded quite some time ago.
We hope u enjoy it and please, criticisms are very welcomed and wished


Tira Mi Sú

August 8th, 2006 + 6:08 PM  ·  thebonbonrose

So this is our first serious recording...sound is not perfect but you know not everyone has a studio...
anyway just tell us what u think!

so hope u enjoy it...

The Bonbon Rosé
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